Quipco Torq-King
True Torque Breakout Machine
The Quipco Torq-King Breakout Unit is completely manufactured in the UAE. The unit  incorporates a number of new design features that make the Torq-King a useful addition to any workshop. The control console houses both the electrical motor and the hydraulic pumps. Only one electrical connection is required to operate the unit. Specially designed Flow Plunger Pumps ensure all the jaws make contact centrally and ensure force is uniformly applied. The Torq-King applies exact Tangent Force over the Rotary Chuck, negligible Radial Force is generated this reduces the friction between the threads.

General Specifications

  • 16,000 FT-LBS Make up Torque
  • 200,000 Ft-IBS Breakout Torque
  • 2 3/8" Thru 14 1/2" Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Built in Spinner
  • Levelling Jacks on Head & Tailstock
  • Simple Reliable Operation
  • Digital True Torque Readout
  • Optional Push Pull Ram

Plunger Pumps
Torque Head
Torque Head Rams
Torque Ram
Torq-King during painting.
Heavy Duty Die Holders
Control Unit
Crossover during make-up
Spinner Rams
Rear View of Torque